Goodbye Filler, Hello Candy Lips!

I never thought that I’d ever say goodbye filler, hello Candy Lips! Mainly because I’ve only ever had lip filler once in my life (full disclosure!) But also because I really didn’t think that by having the Candy Lips cosmetic tattoo procedure, that it would actually plump up my lips as well.

What is Candy Lips?
Candy Lips is a semi permanent lip tattoo that adds pigment into the lips for a natural and flawless look. Plus it also adds volume and definition to the lips without the need for injections! Yes – that’s right, no injections!

Basically you get to choose your favourite lip shade (which is great if you have a fave that’s discontinued) then have it tattooed onto your lips for up to 3-5 years of colour-stay results. How fantastic, right?! 

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it though. It’s not really a well-known cosmetic procedure (just yet). Although, that said, I did hear about it back at one of my eyebrow appointments in 2017 at Belle Sorelle Brows & Cosmetic Studio. So it was about time that I kissed lipstick goodbye and booked in to have this fantastic treatment. 

Admittedly I was a little cautious about it all. The thought of tattooing my face was daunting, but the pain of it was also weighing heavy on my mind. I have a high pain threshold, but when it comes to my face, that’s a different story. As I have a tendency to faint or get very light headed/nauseous when anyone touches it for long periods of time. Let alone, tattooing such a delicate area.

Ouch!!, is what I was thinking!! But thankfully that was no issue at all. From inception to finish, there was very minimal pain (and no issues with touching my face, thankfully). 

That said, I instantly felt at ease when I arrived. Ashleigh was great at answering all of my questions. And thereafter she slathered my lips with numbing cream. And what a beauty that numbing cream was! (I could only feel a slight rubbing initially, until eventually I couldn’t feel anything at all.)

Ashleigh Jones applying Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

Ashleigh Jones applying Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

Then after applying the numbing cream, Ashleigh proceeded to draw an outline around my lips of where she would tattoo. Thereafter, we both agreed on the shape and size of my new lips before moving onto choosing the shade that I wanted. 

This was a cinch as I just handed over my Chanel lipstick and Ashleigh waved her magic mixing wand.

Candy Lips at Belle Sorelle Perth

But admittedly, this is where my biggest regret comes in. I thought that I’d go a natural shade so that it would match what I’ve been wearing as my every day lip shade for years. How wrong I would be! As I now know that I should have gone a darker shade (I think that I was fearful that it wouldn’t look as good as it turned out). But that’s okay – for my perfection visit I will ask to go a little darker and hopefully it will build it up some more.

Thereafter, we got down to the tattooing…

Ashleigh Jones applying Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

Ashleigh Jones applying Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

All in all it took just over 1.5 hours for my lips to be Candy Lips complete!

And the results were incredible! So incredible that I was secretly hoping that they wouldn’t fade. Ashleigh also said that over the next few days they would get darker as the pigment really settled into the lips…

Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

And that they did! Here is a sneaky elevator selfie I took two days post tattooing:

Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

My lips are so plump now and the colour is gorgeous (although I want more colour now because I know how great this procedure is!!).

And I can honestly say that the tattooing didn’t bother me at all. It was more the fact that I couldn’t talk hahaha.

Here is a selfie taken four weeks post tattooing. Enjoying no lipstick:

Candy Lips on Vicky Sofield at Belle Sorelle Perth

As you can see, the results are gorgeous and so natural. But I’m definitely ready for more colour at my perfection visit.

To find out more details on this fantastic procedure, and to snare 20% off the retail price of your first visit (you will only pay $496 when you mention promotional code TFC before 31 October, 2018), please contact the cosmetic tattoo experts at Belle Sorelle Brows & Cosmetic Studio directly here.

And for those who want to WIN your very own Candy Lips procedure, then your in luck!!

I have teamed up with Belle Sorelle to gift one lucky reader a FREE Candy Lips procedure (which includes the perfection visit as well). Just head on over to our WIN section here to find out more details (good luck!!)

Oh and by all means, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment below! 

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